Personal Injury & Accidents

Our attorneys are Binghamton based and we care about helping our clients who have been involved in accidents and have suffered injuries.

We have a proven track record in taking on insurance companies and obtaining very positive results in terms of  monetary settlements. Your case will be handled by an experienced attorney at all times, and you will deal directly with an attorney, not a paralegal.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding any of the following matters:

Motor vehicle accidents, car collisions/crashes resulting in physical injuries, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, jet ski and boating accidents, trucks and trailers.

Dogbite cases: dog attacks resulting in injuries and scars

Workplace accidents: falls from ladders and scaffolds, injuries caused by third parties while you’re at work

Slip and Fall cases: including trip hazards, ice and snow, defective steps or walks, parking lots.

Wrongful Death: death of a family member caused by negligence

What’s My Case Worth?

  • $300,000 pedestrian struck by car, concussion, head injury
  • $200,000 minor injured playing in yard, head injury
  • $200, 000 pedestrian struck by car, leg fracture
  • $200,000 car accident resulting in chronic pain, RSD
  • $165,000, car collision, whiplash C4 fracture
  • $140,000 workplace accident, back injury
  • $103, 000, burn injury from fire, case against apartment owner
  • $150,000 against municipality, wrongful death of minor
  • $100,000 motor vehicle accident in PA, hand injury
  • $100,000 motorcycle accident, knee injury, fracture patella

*based on previous cases.
No guarantee of future claims.

Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle accidents (MVA’s) : If you have been involved in a car accident, it is very stressful and you may have sustained injuries. One of the first things we recommend you do is to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The office visit is totally free and without any strings attached, but will be extremely useful to you. Our attorneys can give you professional advice regarding whether you have a strong case against the other driver, and whether you are entitled to bring a case to compensate you for your losses. If the other driver was negligent, you may be entitled to money damages to make up for your “out of pocket” damages such as lost wages and medical bills and also to compensate you for pain and suffering (often called “noneconomic loss”).  The other driver will be represented by an insurance company which will work hard to limit your just recovery. Statistically, injury victims receive much larger settlements (or verdicts) when they have an experienced negligence attorney fighting on their side.

“Slip and Fall” injury cases

Under the law of premises liability, if you are injured while on someone else’s property, including sidewalks and parking lots, you can sue for damages if the owner was negligent in maintaining their property and if the owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition that caused your injury. In these cases, you will want to call us right away so that the scene can be inspected, photographs taken, and witnesses interviewed.

Dogbite cases

Cases involving animal attacks, usually dogbites, also fall under the category of ‘premises liability.” Often, animal bites occur through no one’s fault, however the law does allow you to bring a lawsuit against a negligent owner, defined as an owner who had knowledge of a dog’s vicious propensities and yet did nothing to control the animal and prevent a foreseeable attack. We have successfully handled many such cases.

Workplace Accidents

In New York, if you’re injured at work, give us a call and an attorney will explain your rights to you, including your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Under certain circumstances, you may be allowed to bring a lawsuit for additional money if someone other than your employer was involved.

Wrongful Death

Our attorneys can help you if you have a family member who has died on account of someone else’s negligence; you may call us for a free office consultation, and we will advise you and your family on your rights.

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