Divorce & Family Law

The attorneys at Crowley and Reynolds are committed to helping families in our community who are facing difficult and stressful family problems, including divorce, separations, and custody issues.

We can help with the following matters:

Contested divorces and uncontested divorces, including equitable distribution settlements and trials, division of assets and debts, pensions

Custody and visitation

Separation agreements and Stipulations of settlement

Family Offense proceedings, Orders of Protection

Child support obligations, petitions and violation matters

Divorce, Separation, and Annulment

Since New York State passed No-Fault Divorce, separations are less common; however, this is still a reasonable choice in some cases and we can advise you on how to best proceed in your difficult time. The main issues will concern Equitable Distribution of marital assets, including accounts, real and personal property and deferred compensation/pensions, and maintenance (alimony). If your issues are simple and essentially worked out, we can process an uncontested divorce at a low cost to you. If your issues are complex, we can negotiate a stipulated settlement or if necessary represent you in a trial of these issues before the Supreme (Trial) Court. Our attorneys will give you the close and personal attention your case deserves at all times.

Custody and Visitation

Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of parents in these critical cases of child custody and visitation. Our practice is generally in the Broome County Family Court, but we also cover Tioga County and other counties in the southern tier. Our offices are located right down the street from Family Court, and so we are available for emergencies. Attorney Reynolds has an active member of the Attorneys For Children Panel for over 20 years.

Child Support

In New York State, Child Support cases are heard by Support Magistrates. There are standards set for in the Child Support Standards Act which inform the Magistrateā€™s decision, but there are also deviation factors, as each case is unique, which an experienced attorney can advise you about.

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